Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weekend. A beautiful thing.

Pen and Gravy

It is the weekend. What will you go and do? What people will you see and hug?

It's off to Santa Cruz for us, wedding event #3. I'm excited to see my brother and his lovely wife Jen. Jen's brother, Jeremy will be marrying the lovely Siobhan on the beach at 4:00 tomorrow. Yahoo!

It's officially fall weather here in the bay area. Seems we skipped summer altogether this year. We even turned on the heater for the first time tonight. Guess it's soon back to the flannel sheets and sleeping with two layers of blankets. I wish I could say I was excited to wear comfortable sweaters and warm leggings, but I'm not, because I've been wearing them all summer. Don't get me wrong, the bay area is a wonderful place to live, but oh how I miss a true summer. The midwest spoiled me with long, hot, summer evenings. Bare feet on warm pavement. Mmmmmm.

Here are some more beautiful things I found on the world wide web:

Beautiful architecture.

The Mississippi delta as it moves toward the sea.

The most Ah-mazing Pancakes I've ever seen.

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