Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedblogorama-lama-ding dong.

Too . . . many . . . weddings . . . and . . . wedding blogs . . . brain melting . . .
Must find . . . something cute to look at . . .

Ah. Much better now.

Here's the thing. Wedding blogs are out of control.

There are probably close to 7 million-buhgillion, and that's only counting the ones written in English. I never looked at wedding blogs until about two months ago after D popped the question. Since then I've had a few serious bouts of wedblog binging and I always walk away from those sessions feeling like I just ate an entire carrot cake by myself.
In one sitting.
Home alone.
In bed.
On a Wednesday.
Still in my PJ's.
At 4:30pm.
Covered in crumbs.
Cream cheese frosting in my hair.

It's not a good feeling. It feels shameful, gross, and more than a little nauseating.

After a wedblog binge, I close my laptop and wade around in feelings of overwhelm, indecision, wonder, excitement, apathy and harumph-ness. It makes me understand all the better why people choose to elope, have a simple civil ceremony, or invite people into their backyards for a BBQ.

I truly have no idea what Devin and I will come up with for our wedding. I don't know in what location, how many people, what will be worn, if there will be music or dancing, what the flowers will or won't look like, if they'll even be flowers . . . But this I know:

We will laugh our faces off.
Our friends and family will do the same.
There will be Mexican food, tasty beers and decent wine.
With luck, there will be sun and bare feet.
There may be kazoos.
I will hug many of my most favorite people within a 48 hour time frame.
Photos will be taken to document one of the best looking, smartest, most wonderful group of people having a lovely time.
People who will later view these photos will wish they were there because we are all so great.
I will walk away married to my best friend and continue to be the luckiest girl around.

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