Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning The Rest of Your Life

I like to think I'm a pretty laid-back, easy-going woman. I might even describe myself this way in an online profile . . . (In fact I may have actually done that once . . .) But in reality, I'm a planner. Big time. And this does not equal being laid-back.

I. Like. To. Plan.

I'm also a sucker for details, hence being an artist that refused to get a BFA or MFA . . . I wanted to know what my JOB would be, and so I stood back a bit from the "artist" title in order to keep two feet on the ground when my head and hands were in the art studio. The Details of Living According to Hayley: Income, health insurance, food, car, unnecessary trips to Target, and Anthropologie, and money to travel.

Keeping the detail-oriented + "loves to plan" aspects of myself in mind, it should come as no surprise that planning a wedding and an upcoming move to England can, at times, feel like massive to-do list I have to complete before I'm allowed to move to the next square on the board of Monopoly. What's helping me get away from the "to-do-list" feeling and get more into the "Oh Yay" feeling are things like this.

Pretty Wedding Blogs. Funny Pictures. New Music. Virtual Pinboards. Concerts and Rock Shows.
Oh yea. And of course, this guy. And these people.

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