Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching Up

Time is flying by. Since my last post it feels like a year has passed. 

After 10 months at The Springstone School I completed my 750 hour internship! Working with middle-schoolers with Aspergers and Autism taught me so much about how applied art therapy can facilitate coping, problem solving and emotional expression for this unique population.  

After a 3 month absence from Children's Hospital Oakland I returned to my job as Artist-in-Residence. Knowing that I would miss the support, clinical dialogue, and self-care provided by my professors and peers at Notre Dame de Namur University I proposed to start a pilot self-care program. It's named "Drop-In Self Care" and so far it's been a success! At present we're 6 weeks into the twice monthly program. Last week (9/29/11) the new Palliative Care team invited me to expand the program to other clinicians at the hospital! Yea for Art Therapy and Self-Care!

24th - 29th A fantastic trip to Jacksonhole, WY; Celebrating Birthdays, Beautiful Hikes, Lovely Dinners, Family Photo Shoot, Alpine Slide, Swimming Pools, Summit Jackson Peak, Paragliding, Stand-up Paddle Boarding (Devin), and late night runs to Dairy Queen.

The 7th: Many, many, many, many, many drafts later . . . I completed my Masters Grant-Thesis! and in turn completed my Master's in Art Therapy! (The diploma arrived in the mail yesterday in fact!) What a relief to have those 2.5 years behind me, and I'm so very happy that I made the decision to go down that path and am so very thankful for everyone who supported me in that journey.

The 10th: Devin and I venture out on a beautiful mid-week hike in Mt.Tamalpais on the Cataract Trail. Warm air, sunlight filtering through tree branches, a tiny trickle of water gathering downhill into a lake. Arriving lakeside, munching on snacks on one of the most beautiful days of summer Devin asks me to marry him. I, of course, said yes!!
The ring Devin braided from Sedge on our hike.

14th - 21st: Wanting to explore an exciting post-doctoral option, Devin and I flew to England for a 7 day adventure through Oxford and Cambridge. Two days in Oxford and 4 days in Cambridge allowed us to explore each university, the downtown areas and the neighborhoods surrounding each town. Both are quaint towns, with lovely people, charming architecture and tasty ales! We are now in the throes of figuring out if we can afford to live there and when we might make the big move! All very exciting things to figure out.

24th: Devin and I made our way north to the town of Pt.Reyes on the Pacific coast to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Chris Ellision and Kate Stirr! A lovely wedding, a great party, and a fantastic couple. Congratulations Kate & Chris!!

The wedding marathon continues . . .
1st: A drive down the 101 through Santa Barbara, camping in Los Padres National Forest before driving on the next day into Pasadena for the wedding of Chris & Anna! Despite the traffic in Northern LA (2 miles in 40 minutes . . .) we had a great time with some of Devin's friends from grad school. 

8th & 15th: This upcoming weekend we drive to Santa Cruz to celebrate with Jeremy Page and Siobhan Kelly at their wedding! I'm looking forward to seeing my brother and sister-in-law! Next weekend we get to say home, but will attend an Oakland wedding of my friends Steve & Barb! (Yea for finding love while living at 490!!) And once the 4th wedding is over . . . I'll get to start planning my own! (Yea! and Ugh! Elope perhaps? ;-)

More posts coming soon. Sorry Book Club group . . . I know I've got some updating to do!!
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  1. I love hearing about your adventures! Miss you!