Saturday, July 16, 2011

Contemplating Blog Topics

It's pretty obvious from my posting frequency that I tend to blog in fits and starts. Months will roll by without a word or photo, and then, WHA-BAM! A cold weekend afternoon provides me with the time and inspiration (or procrastination) to get chatty. Today is that cold weekend day.

Two plastic shirts, hooded sweatshirt with hood up, wool socks, slippers and peppermint tea. I'm sure part of the reason I'm cold is from sitting for hours, typing on the computer . . . but still, it's gross outside. (My Mom would agree with me and then she'd remind me the weather is exactly how it's supposed to be, it's my story about it that make me think it's gross. That's for you Mom.)

All this to say, I want to make myself a list of things I think I'd like to write about at some point. Even if I never blog with regularity or frequency there are things that I could go on and on about, which would entertain me a great deal, and maybe even some other people out there.

What's on your list of interests? 
What sparks your urge to read/write/create/contemplate?

Istanbul, Turkey

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