Saturday, May 14, 2011

Art Madness


I borrowed the above photo-collage from ellieandabbie at typepad.

After attending the SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute) MFA opening last night I'm all a flutter (no pun intended) about making art. Art for me, art for the kids at my internship site, and art for installation at Children's Hospital Oakland. 

I want to give a nod to my dear friend Sadie Wilcox for sharing in the excitement and nerdery of viewing and making art, as well as her dedication to the Artist-in-Residence program at Children's.  

Check out Sadie's artwork on her website 
Isn't she talented?! I think so.

I also want to take a second to honor my other dear, creative friend Vania Deonizio of Dancin Power. Vania is doing amazing work with hospitalized children and women who are coping with domestic violence. Through dance, Vania shares the transformative experience that dance can offer, encouraging people to re-author their traumatic or troubling stories and regain a sense of personal power and joy. Her website is currently under construction as I type this but check back often to see photos and videos of her work.

And one more! The fabulous Kate Stirr! Her drawings and environments are beautiful and inspiring. I've had the pleasure of witnessing some of her process and am a proud owner of a Stirr original which sits on our mantle!

Another few sites of artists I discovered at the SFAI opening that were mind-bending and just plain inspiring to me:

Large format drawings of systems . . .crazy awesome detail.

Watercolor paintings that are so detailed you'd think they were printed or photographed.

Paintings of of a day in the life. Beautiful painted snapshots of life in todays culture. Interesting take on a new way of painting light.

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