Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Mom Book

The Mom Book: A Lifetime of Homemade Gifts

Children's cards for thier mothers

Another inspiration from a story in Real Simple.

As an artist I've always been interested in how books, journals and sketchbooks in particular, document the passing of time.
Write, draw, color it down. Reflecting on that page years later lend context and a felt-experience to days long since forgotten.
A journal page serves me much like a photograph. Turning the pages of an old book, pulls me back through time into a person, place and mind of a younger, less experienced Me. As I peruse the worn pages I cringe, I feel empathy for this other self, I delight in her whimsy and ideals, I smirk at her poetic attempts. But it's all there, it's all a Me I once was, or may still be.

In "The Mom Book" this mother and her family document Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Mother's Days as the years pass by. The pages hold the truth of what was happening at the time, real emotions expressed through image, word and self-expression.

I can only imagine what a lovely artifact it is to behold.

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