Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Mom Book

The Mom Book: A Lifetime of Homemade Gifts

Children's cards for thier mothers

Another inspiration from a story in Real Simple.

As an artist I've always been interested in how books, journals and sketchbooks in particular, document the passing of time.
Write, draw, color it down. Reflecting on that page years later lend context and a felt-experience to days long since forgotten.
A journal page serves me much like a photograph. Turning the pages of an old book, pulls me back through time into a person, place and mind of a younger, less experienced Me. As I peruse the worn pages I cringe, I feel empathy for this other self, I delight in her whimsy and ideals, I smirk at her poetic attempts. But it's all there, it's all a Me I once was, or may still be.

In "The Mom Book" this mother and her family document Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Mother's Days as the years pass by. The pages hold the truth of what was happening at the time, real emotions expressed through image, word and self-expression.

I can only imagine what a lovely artifact it is to behold.

Real Simple: Cake Decorating

6 Easy Cake-Decorating Ideas | Real Simple

Gumdrop roses on cake

This article was in the most recent issue of Real Simple and I suddenly find myself wanting to purchase gumdrops, roll them out with a rolling-pin and make flowers to put on top of a cake. Somehow this feels more pressing than finding a grant for my thesis . . .

Cake anyone?

Cakes with various decorative toppings

Mountain View Cemetery and Tilden Park

Finishing School and Qualifying Orals

 "Holding A Space for TH. An Object Relations Art Therapy Approach"

It wouldn't be right to let this event go unnoticed on the blog. It was after-all "a capstone experience" (a la the chair of the Art Therapy department, Richard Carolan) 

After eight months of internship, 24 art therapy treatment plans and 2 in-class presentations I presented my Qualifying Orals Presentation on April 10th. Fifty (yes 50) minutes speaking in front of a small crowd of strangers, friends and professors about theory, art therapy, artwork, treatment goals, therapy sessions and outcomes. 

My presentation was titled "Holding A Space for TH. An Object Relations Art Therapy Approach". Sounds simply riveting, right? I was the second of 6 speakers to present, the 3rd day in a 3-day series of presenters from my Seminar II cohort. All in all I believe eighteen of us jumped through the qualifying orals hoop together. When we all met for the regularly scheduled supervision later that week the stress level in the room had dropped considerably in comparison to weeks past. The relief was tangible. 

Now I sit just one day away from my last day of art therapy graduate school. I can't believe how quickly the two years have flown by in retrospect. Granted I still need to write that little thing called "thesis". . . but all in due time.

Tomorrow I'll hop in my car and make that 50 + minute drive for one of the last times. I'll carry in tow a batch of cookies for the Seminar II potluck, along with my ginormous Practicum Binder (which I created in duplicate because that's how I roll).
The Ever-Growing Binder

Being done with school again feels bittersweet. I've meet such interesting, creative and intelligent people in this program. I've laughed so hard and so cathartically alongside them, learned so much through their their experiences and understanding of theory. They've inspired me to be a better therapist, to trust my intuition, to check my countertransference, and when in doubt, to MAKE ART.

My colleagues, friends & fellow students will no doubt serve their institutions and populations with the utmost professionalism, respect and insight. I am thrilled to call myself a member of this community, and look forward to what each of us will bring to the important and transformational field of Art Therapy. What a gift it has been to share this experience with you. Thanks for holding a space for me.

Book Club - April

On Wednesday, April 20th The Book Club met once again. This event was hosted by the lovely Mrs.Teresa Matazzoni of Alameda. This month's book was:

(Remember how old school newspapers published social events? That's how I'm gonna write this post, "a la old school small town newspaper").

The book club was attended by Mrs.Jessie Murphy, Ms.Sarah Lusardi, Mrs.Anna Stuppi, Ms.Kim Keogh, and yours truly, Ms.Hayley Oggel. The ladies all agreed that the menu may have been one of the most eclectic and delicious meals to date. The food theme was "fusion" keeping in line with the theme of East (Japan) meets West (Holland). Correct me where I'm wrong ladies, my memory may not serve the menu accurately:

Indian "Pizza" (Eggplant & Spinach)
Kim chi Tacos
Mushrooms stuffed with Feta and Spinach
Risotto with Peppers and Herbs
Greek & Mediterranean Pizza
Dulce de Leche & Green Tea Ice Cream on a cone

Unfortunately the photos do not do the meal or the beautiful attendees much justice . . .

Next month Ms.Sarah Lusardi will be hosting book club in North Oakland on May 26th at 7pm. The book for May is Just Kids, by Patti Smith. Food theme still to be determined.