Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Proud Of My Friend

My dear friend Geoffrey Arthur Drewyor wrote a book. (click to view in Kindle store)
I remember the summer he set out on this adventure and heard snippits of it along the way, receiving voicemails throughout his journey, and later through storytelling. Then, a summer or so later, I got to read a rough draft, of which I printed out, kept in a binder and read from front to back. Now, his PUBLISHED BOOK is available as an e-book on Amazon.

I am so proud of Geoff. So pleased to call him my friend. Tickled pink that he has completed this project, and I'm certain he'll continue to make great things. 

Thanks Geoff for inspiring me to venture out into the world with nothing but my feet and a sandwich. To traverse landscapes simply because they are there. To wander the streets of my neighborhood with new eyes each day. And most importantly, to dress in wacky clothes, climb onto a statue of a polar bear, and get eaten by fire ants.

You're one of my favorite people.


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