Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best. Tree. Ever.

For two weeks of February Berkeley experienced a sweet spell of summertime (we're talking 80 degrees people). During this summertastic-bliss, the rest of the country suffered the worst winter weather of the year (Berkeley wins!). Though, as I type this, it is raining cats and dogs outside and is a balmy 47 degrees, windy, and just plain gross. It's been this way for the last two weeks (D'oh!). Here are a handful of shots from that summer-spell where I blissed out on the cherry tree blossoms, which now lay scattered on the sidewalk in dirty rain puddles (Enter sad face here). 

Cherry Blossoms AND Oranges!

I heart the Hipstamatic App + Cherry Blossoms

This one reminds me of Van Gogh's painting, though his was of an Almond Tree

Fuschia plant by our front steps

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