Monday, January 3, 2011

Contour Drawings & Chickpea Fun

The new year is off to . . . well, a low energy, not-so-enthusiastic start, to put it benignly. Since returning from Mexico I feel like I'm preparing for a storm. Chore after chore seem to line up one behind the other. 

Start the laundry, plan meals, go to the grocery store, winterize the house, clean the mold from canvases, create lesson plans for internship, consider taking more classes, chart on patients at the hospital, seal the canvases, put the laundry away, schedule an oil change, schedule supervision, schedule the fun bits on evenings and weekends . . . Chores line up, and in-between them a sprinkling of visits with friends, laughter and general getting through. 

"Winterized Window"
 Parallel to this storm preparation, and despite our mutual case of the Sunday night blues, Devo and I make one another laugh while folding laundry and matching socks. Making up songs as we watch replays of tri-athletes succeed and fail, makes what I face on Monday morning (teaching contour drawing to rooms full of adolescents with Autism),  seem easy, possible, and full of promise.

Tasty Chickpea Goodness
And now, with Monday behind us we plug along toward Tuesday. It's warmer in our house tonight, the laundry is put away, the canvases sit drying on the porch, and my belly is full of yummy curried chickpeas with onions. Oh, and there are still cookies left, so I guess it's all just fine.

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  1. So glad you started a blog! I'm not always good at leaving comments but know I'm here and always encouraged by what you write!