Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brunch, Failed Weather-proofing & Cookies

New Years Day

A light drizzle of rain and opaque overcast skies.  Coffee. Cleaning mold and mildew from our window frames in preparation for an afternoon weather-proofing session. Brunch at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley with good friends, their parents, and everyone's favorite 3 month old baby, Zacky.

A wild goose chase through hardware and home-improvement stores, looking for plastic window insulation and dehumidifiers. Return home, defeated. Mission: Failed
Early Evening
Laundry. Cleaning mold off canvases from previous master's final show. Burritos. Home-brew, the infamous "Ceiling Scraper Ale". And Tron, the original.

After 8:00
On a dessert mission, downloaded multiple free recipe apps to phone. Decided on "Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies". They may not be "outrageous", but they're doing the job.

And now we sit across the kitchen table from one another, computing the internets and browsing the surf. All the while listening to Andrew Bird, Useless Creatures

Current Cookie Count:
Devin: 2
Hayley: 1

Tomorrow is Sunday, the day before I go back to all the things I must go back to. I must find the little flags that mark the way to June, to finishing my internship, to finishing this degree, to longer sun-shinier days that promise weekends of camping and long sun-shiny hikes. Tonight, on the first night of 2011 my wish for friends and family, near and far is this: May you have a hopeful start to the new year, hug the ones you love, listen to to good music, experience deep belly laughter often, and may you have many, many freshly-baked cookies.

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